The ever-hilarious Luke Bryan likes to joke around. He also likes to do a little hip-shaking. So when you put those two things together, you sometimes get hilarious interviews with the singer -- the kind that makes everyone blush.

Backstage during the first night of the 2013 CMA Music Festival, Bryan was asked about his hip-shaking by a reporter. "I never plan it or plot it...I just thrust them a little," he said, ensuing a roomful of laughter, and showing off his majorly smooth moves. The 'Crash My Party' hitmaker apologized to the reporter, looked around the room and asked, "Was there some mass blushing?" He then pointed at the reporter who asked the question and flashed his megawatt smile, "You're blushing now!" he observed with a chuckle.

While the hip-shaking may have been a highlight (or lowlight?) for a lot of the reporters, that's not the only thing Bryan shared. He also spilled a few details about his upcoming album, which may or may not have a collaboration with rapper T-Pain, and sounds like it will be a real hit with the fans, saying, "'Crash My Party' flying off the charts is so exciting...anytime you have a new album, a new hit happening, and the fans start singing it, it's amazing." Before the album hits the shelves, there will be two singles for fans to enjoy.

Bryan explains the the process of his highly anticipated album has been truly wonderful. "I'm just amazed at how it's come together...I'm happy with the whole process. I didn't write a lot of the songs, I probably wrote three or four songs on it, and then I just got some of the best songs I've ever heard from the town of Nashville. I am confident in saying that everything under the right circumstance, could be a single on the album."

With a new album on its way this August, great genetics, and a huge fan base, Bryan has a whole lot to look forward to this summer. If he keeps shaking his hips the way that he does, his fans have a lot to look forward to as well!