Matt Mason got the ball rolling on the pranks for the 2011 CMT Tour earlier this month when he surprised the tour's headliner, Luke Bryan, onstage "shaking it" during his performance of 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' -- and it only continued on from there.

The trek wrapped up over the weekend in Monroe, La. (Nov. 19), which Josh Thompson was quickly reminded of when he walked offstage Saturday night. While playing his set, Bryan and Lee Brice gave Thompson's bus a bit of a makeover, covering his traveling home with toilet paper.

"I guess this is the last day of the CMT tour..." tweeted Thompson when he got back to his bus. "@leebrice @LukeBryanOnline I'm slashing your tires."

Thompson left his tourmates' bus tires alone, but did pull out a prank of his own, along with a little help from Brice. "This is about to happen..." Thompson tweeted, attaching a photo of him and Brice walking toward the stage with two goats wearing Luke Bryan tour T-shirts.

"Payback," Brice tweeted along with his own photo: "me and @TheJoshThompson Doin to @LukeBryanOnline .... Check out 'em goats."

Bryan found himself lost for words as Thompson and Brice brought the goats onstage during his performance of 'Drunk on You.' "Hey, that's Boom and Boom," Brice announced to Bryan and the crowd, borrowing a line from the chorus of 'Drunk on You.' "Have fun, Luke!"

The two goats became very fond of Bryan, as they nibbled away on his shirt. "I'm pretty sure a goat just licked me in the butt, by the way," joked Bryan as he tried to keep the animals from getting too close.

"I'm glad they didn't go wild and take out the front row or something," Bryan said after Thompson and his tour manager walked the goats off stage. After regaining his composure, Bryan finished out his set, bringing another successful CMT Tour to an end.

"Big Thanks to everyone who rocked with us on the CMT Tour," Thompson later tweeted. "Your amazing. And for my next trick I will disappear into the north woods of WI and be gone for days."

Thompson's new single, 'Comin' Around,' is set to impact country radio next month. Click here to listen to the song and read the inspiration behind the lyrics. Brice's new single, 'A Woman Like You,' and Bryan's 'I Don't Want This Night to End' are both currently at radio and climbing the country singles chart.

Watch Josh Thompson and Lee Brice Prank Luke Bryan Onstage