Luke Bryan was just trying to catch a beer. Instead, his foot caught an invisible bump on the stage and he fell on his back.

It happened Thursday night (Feb. 25) in Montreal as Bryan was singing “I Don’t Want This Night to End.” According to the Montreal Gazette, the singer closed this Kill the Lights Tour stop with the song after playing for nearly two hours. Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town opened the show.

Fans caught the stage fall from almost every angle imaginable:

Bryan’s stage stumbles are well-publicized, with 2014 being a record year for him. That year he fell once in Greensboro, N.C., again in North Carolina three months later, and then in Indiana. Thankfully, this fall was just a slip, and he stayed on stage. Fans cheered, and Bryan threw his arms up to celebrate.

The Gazette reports that Bryan caught quite a few beers tossed to him from stagehands and gave them to fans in the front few rows. A full cooler even appeared onstage for him and Lynch at one point. With the exception of “Drink a Beer,” Bryan has taken Buck Owens’ "We’re Gonna Let the Good Times Roll" to heart, because lyrically he mostly sticks to light subject matter.

The Kill the Lights Tour resumes Friday night with the first of two shows in Connecticut. On April 3 Bryan will co-host the 2016 ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

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