If you've ever wished you could find Luke Bryan on Tinder, you're in luck. The country superstar has just made his debut on the dating app — but it's not what you think.

Bryan gave the enormously popular app the exclusive premiere of his new "Kill the Lights" lyric video, the title song from his forthcoming fifth studio album. Starting Friday (July 31), Tinder users will find a video message from Bryan introducing the song.

"I'm happily married and not on Tinder, but I hope my fans on Tinder enjoy the song — and if they're not on Tinder, now's the chance," Bryan explains to Mashable. Tinder has an exclusive until Aug. 3, and then "Kill the Lights" will be available via iTunes.

The unusual move is part of the ever-growing movement for musicians to exploit the power and reach of various forms of social media to promote new projects. Tinder has previously partnered with acts like Jason Derulo, Zedd and Madonna to promote various content, but Bryan is the first country star to debut new content on the app.

"Our engagement rates show that every music partnership we've done has been well-received by users," Phil Schwarz, Tinder's head of marketing, tells Mashable. "Between 20 and 30 percent of people watch music video premieres or swipe right on branded profiles offering exclusive content."

Bryan is set to release Kill the Lights on Aug. 7. The album's first single, "Kick the Dust Up," is already a hit, and the singer named his current tour after it. He has also shared another song from the album, a sexy tune titled "Strip It Down."

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