Luke Combs fires off a few well-known "Dad-isms" during a cameo in Dude Perfect's latest video.

The video is titled "Dad Stereotypes." It dropped on Saturday and has over 2.5 million views so far.

  • The video was timed to coincide with Father's Day (June 16).
  • Combs also released a dad-centric album called Fathers & Sons on Friday (June 14).
  • YouTube personalities the McFarlands and Dude Dad (Taylor Calmus) also appear.

Combs comes in around 2:20 and doesn't interact with any of the five Dude Perfect personalities. He's spotted looking over his lawn as an off-camera voice comments about the heavy rain.

From there he gives well-known responses to being bothered by kids, being accused of a taking a nap and driving.

Country Singers Who've Appeared In a Dude Perfect Video:

This isn't the first time a country star has partnered with Dude Perfect. In 2014, Tim McGraw joined them for a trick shots video although his participation is mostly limited to an interview with Ty Toney.

The following year, Luke Bryan joined for Archery Kart Battle.

What makes Combs' appearance different is that his celebrity is never called out in the video. In fact, if you didn't know what the singer looked like you'd suspect he was just another dad.

Combs recognized the video by sharing a post on Instagram. It all comes as a pivotal time in his life and career as the new album is a deviation from previous releases.

Fathers & Sons features thoughts on fatherhood from several perspectives. On social media, he expressed some trepidation in releasing the album and asked his fans to be patient with him if it's not their favorite. Music about the phase of life he's in now needed to be written and released, he shares.

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