With a new album due out by the end of March, Luke Combs isn't wasting any time before introducing fans to new music: The singer shared an unreleased performance tease of a new song called "Love You Anyway" on his social media on Tuesday night (Jan. 10).

The ballad describes a relationship that Combs doesn't regret, even if it ended in tears: The highs of being in love made the pain well worth it.

"There's just some things that leave a man no choice / Like a compass needle needin' its true north," Combs sings in the chorus, flanked by a pair of backing acoustic instruments and vocal harmony. "Even if I knew the day we met you'd be the reason this heart breaks / Oh, I'd love you anyway."

"Love You Anyway" is a new song, but it's actually not brand new to those who have been following the singer's social media for the past couple of years. He shared a demo of the track back in 2020, tagging the Brothers Hunt and Ray Fulcher — two frequent collaborators — as his co-writers.

Now, as he moves towards the release of his next studio projects, it seems that "Love You Anyway" might finally have found a home on one of his album tracklists.

Combs announced his new album in early January, and it's due to arrive on March 24. There's no word yet on what the name of the project will be, but Combs has said that it contains 18 brand new songs. News of a new full-length project came as a bit of a surprise to fans, as the singer's third album, Growin' Up, only arrived in June 2022, and he has historically been on a schedule of putting out a new album every 2-3 years.

The star also tends to release deluxe versions of his albums — he's done so with every major-label release thus far — but Combs said early on that he wasn't planning to follow that pattern with Growin' Up.

"I've done it twice now. It's just time to do something else," the singer told Billboard when the album came out.

Meanwhile, Combs also has extensive world tour plans on the books for 2023, with stops in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland and more as well as in the U.S. Lainey Wilson, Cody Johnson and Riley Green are among his opening acts.

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