A mother of a sixth-grade student turned to TikTok to voice her frustration, claiming her daughter's 54-year-old teacher gave the child his cell phone number and has been sending her "dozens of inappropriate messages."

TikTok user @its_shastys claims that her daughter, presumably between the age of 11 and 12, was given her male teacher's personal cell phone number. The two exchanged countless text messages, with him sending her texts multiple times a day.

The distraught mom, Leah, even shared that the unidentified teacher sent her daughter the song "Body Like a Back Road" by Sam Hunt. The lyrics to the song are suggestive: "The way she fit in them blue jeans / She don't need no belt / But I can turn 'em inside out / I don't need no help / Got hips like honey / So thick and so sweet (Man) / Ain't no curves like hers / On them downtown streets."

Listen to the song below:

"Meanwhile you [the teacher] are sending good morning texts, good night texts, 'how is your day?' texts, sending songs that remind you of them," she said, and added that he called her underage daughter "beautiful" on multiple occasions. She says she believes that what he was doing was "enticing a minor."

Obviously, the mother reported the teacher to the school in addition to the local police. However, she says both took his side and labeled him as the "victim" and her daughter and the three other girls in the class that he was also texting with, "suspects."

The mother uncovered that the other girls had similar conversations with the teacher, and all four students admitted "to being treated so much differently than the rest of the students."

Leah was told by police that "the teacher cannot be charged with anything because he's done nothing wrong but give his cell phone number out."

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