Maren Morris sat down with late night host Chelsea Handler for a recent episode of the comedian's Netflix show to share what she's learned over the past year as her career has skyrocketed her to fame.

Speaking candidly with the host during an interview on her tour bus, Morris admits to Handler what has been a freeing concept for her.

"A really big thing I've learned and I think it's so liberating is when you realize no one knows what they're doing," the country singer says, eliciting laughs from Handler, who agrees.

"No, nobody knows what they're doing and anybody who's pretending that they do know what they're doing all the time is full of sh--," the host says back.

Morris goes on to say that she looks at some of her fellow peers who aim for perfection and can't relate. "It's exhausting to be that way," the "80s Mercedes" singer reiterates.

Morris certainly knows what she's doing when it comes to music. The 26-year-old star had a groundbreaking year in 2016, taking home the CMA award for New Artist of the Year after her debut single "My Church" hit No. 1. Her major label debut studio album Hero garnered acclaim from critics and topped Billboard's Top Country Albums chart in 2016, too, and she recently made her Saturday Night Live debut.

Her success continues into 2017, as she's nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Best Country Album (Hero), Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance ("My Church") and the all-genre Best New Artist. Morris is set to embark on her first headlining tour in support of the revered album that kicks off Feb. 2 in New York City and continues through the spring.

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