Maren Morris has changed her hair once again, and her new color reflects the mood of the season.

The Grammy-winning singer shared her new look with fans via Instagram on  Wednesday (Jan. 17), showing off dark locks cut right about chin length. She joked about the much-darker new shade, writing, "serving Morticia Addams" in reference to the mother on The Addams Family.

Morris tends to be restless with her hair, changing it frequently to reflect a wide variety of different moods and seasons. In September she suddenly went blonde, and before that she debuted a shockingly pink hairstyle, which was preceded by going dramatically short and sassy in March of 2017.

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Another thing that's changed for Morris recently is her status as an artist in country music. She proved her commercial appeal can match her critical reviews when she recently scored her first No. 1 hit with "I Could Use a Love Song," the third single from her acclaimed debut album, Hero. The song had a long, slow 42-week climb to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

"43 weeks. Proud to be a woman today," Morris wrote in an Instagram post. "To my amazing Columbia promo team, to country radio, to the fans, thank you for making 'I Could Use a Love Song; my first #1. Also, @jammyrabbins & @lauraveltz, I knew we found magic when we wrote this song 3 years ago. Let’s always start our writes with tequila."

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