Maren Morris is feeling the weight of deep sadness and anger after the tragic events that have rocked America in recent weeks. In response to a number of senseless shootings, the singer has shared an unreleased demo called "Dear Hate" she cowrote a couple of years ago, noting it seems appropriate given the state of things.

The somber ballad is addressed to the terrible emotion, calling it out for its presence in the destruction of many lives and lamenting its touch on the world, from the Garden of Eden to 9/11. Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, the female vocalist brings a warm honesty to the poignant lyrics: “You whisper down through history and echo through these halls, but I hate to tell you, love is gonna conquer all …"

Ultimately, the tune wraps on a hopeful note, declaring that love is going to win in the end. The beautiful song was co-written by Morris, Tom Douglas and David Hodges.

Morris is currently on Keith Urban’s Ripcord Tour, where she recently got to fill in for Miranda Lambert on a duet with the Aussie. Her latest single ""80s Mercedes" is currently making waves and sure to be a smash follow-up to “My Church."

Listen to Maren Morris, "Dear Hate"

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