Maren Morris' husband, fellow artist Ryan Hurd, co-wrote two songs with her for her next studio album, but you'll hear his influence elsewhere. The singer-songwriter is the "Rich" singer's best sounding board these days and the one person she always counts on for constructive criticism.

"He would never say, 'I don’t like this song,'" Morris tells Taste of Country. "He would just be like, 'I like this part and this part, but I think this other song you did last week is way cooler.'"

Hurd has one credit on Morris' debut album Hero ("I Wish I Was"), but they've written together plenty in the past. In fact, they met while writing "Last Turn Home," a ballad on Tim McGraw's Sundown Heaven Town album. The feedback goes both ways, since Hurd is also an artist signed to Sony Music Nashville.

"I just kind of have a feeling in his reaction if he's freaking out or not about it," she explains, "But ultimately — and this has always been the case — I have to be obsessed with it first."

Morris says all of the songs on her definitely finished and starting to leak second studio album met that threshold. Over the course of our conversation, she shared a few themes and talked about collaborations. She also opened up about starting a family with Hurd, whom she married on March 24, 2018.

“I sometimes want a bunch a kids, because I’ll watch The Family Stone and I’m like ‘Oh my God there’s like five kids in this family that grow up and they’re all like crazy and friends,'" she says. "I don’t know. It depends on what we can handle."

There's no timetable on when fans might here the new music. Expect it in early 2019.

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