Maren Morris gave the live performance debut of her duet with former One Direction member-turned-solo-artist Niall Horan at the 2017 CMA Awards on Nov. 8, the recently-released track called “Seeing Blind.”

But first, Morris treated fans to a truncated version of her hit ballad “I Could Use a Love Song,” for which Horan joined in on background vocals. The artists stood on a thick circular platform that appeared to be draped in vintage rugs, bathed in light from a slew of enormous blue spotlights hanging above.

They then moved into “Seeing Blind,” a folky pop tune that allows Horan to show off his skills apart from the other four guys in his previous boy band, winning over skeptics with his singer/songwriter vibe and genuine talent. Morris joins in with harmony on the chorus and takes the second verse, clearly enjoying performing the fun song alongside her friend. Though Morris has a powerful voice and Horan’s is more subtle, the pair’s voices blended seamlessly, creating a performance fans of either artist couldn’t help but love.

“Seeing Blind” appears on Horan’s new album, Flicker. “I Could Use a Love Song” is Morris’s latest single off her album, Hero. She’s working on a second record but has also been earning accolades for her tune “Dear Hate,” released after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.

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