Grammy Award-winner Maren Morris turned to social media to share her thoughts on contemporary music and women's role in it.

Morris has had a whirlwind of a month. Following her big Grammy night, where she took home the award for Best Country Solo Performance,  days later she received six ACM nominations, and then hit the high seas where she performed as part of Cayamo, an eight-day music festival on a cruise ship that traveled to Mexico and Honduras.

Moved by her experience at Cayamo, Morris shared her perspective on the music industry and how often girls are pitted against each other in a candid stream of tweets.

"In a world where girls are a lot of times pit against each other, I have to say, "HELL no." Good music is coming back, girls AND boys," she writes on Wednesday (Feb. 22). "Very proud to be apart of a historic time when women are bringing music back to our point of view, which it turns out isn't that different."

Backstage at the 2017 Grammy Awards

She said she spent the last several days on Cayamo "tearing up" during Kacey Musgraves, Lori McKenna and Buddy Miller's sets. "We all feel the same s--t," she says.

"We aren't different. As a songwriter, I have so much empathy for all walks of life. We need to get to a place where guy/girl DOES NOT matter," she adds. "Where you've been is not the sole signifier of who you become. Music is such a universal healer, & when I feel hopeless, I hold onto that."

Morris admits that she gets sucked into reading the mean comments about how she's "not country" but instead, she wants to listen to music without walls.

"So for those who like my music, or don't but still give it a listen with an open mind, thank you. You make me want to be a better artist," she states.

Read Morris' complete tweets in the gallery above.

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