Maren Morris' fitness inspiration doesn't come from a fellow celebrity or a friend; it's not even her personal trainer. In the June issue of Women's Health magazine, Morris reveals that she gets her #bodygoals from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

According to Morris, she told her trainer — Erin Oprea, who works with a number of country stars and with whom Morris began training about a year-and-a-half ago — that she wanted to look like the fictional character. In fact, Morris has a photo of actress Alicia Vikander as Croft as her phone wallpaper.

"I have to look at [it] every time I unlock it — if I’m at a bar, or eating a french fry," Morris says. "So that’s motivating."

Morris says she's "gone through ups and downs," weight-wise throughout her life, but hasn't exactly felt fit until now. She lost a bunch of weight after going through "this horrible breakup" a few years ago — but she didn't feel healthy.

"When you’re going through emotional turmoil, it’s hard to eat," she explains. "That was a wake-up call: I need to address my mental and physical health.”

In addition to her current fitness routine, Morris shares with Women's Health that she sticks to a fairly strict diet (though some wine and alcohol is still allowed) and fitness regimen. She's also, however, become "a 'student of the soul,'" she writes on Instagram.

"[I've been] going to therapy, exercising, listening to my partner better, putting my phone down & really enjoying the company of my friends & family when I’m home, trusting my intuition on those I should lean into and those I should avoid, making amends with people (even when it sometimes feels futile), admitting when I’ve screwed up, finding joy during my shows and not overanalyzing every move or word, meditating through my anxiety, letting myself remain open in a society that likes to magnify and mock vulnerability, learning to just EXHALE ...," Morris says, "and I feel so much better + finally feel the positive effects of this lifelong process ... I’ve never loved my body more."

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