Martina McBride is a huge advocate for big causes, and her passion was recently demonstrated through her nationwide volunteer group, Team Martina, which raised over $40,000 for breast cancer research. 

The singer's hit 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' resonated with many who have been affected by the often-deadly disease, and now she's helping to spotlight it again -- this time, through the amazing volunteers of Team Martina. The team, which grew from McBride's fan club, is a nationwide and global community service group of country music fans who are dedicated to making the world a better place through volunteerism.

They certainly are helping improve our world, as they gave the Martina McBride Breast Cancer Research Grant in the amount of $40,550.00 to Nashville’s Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. These impressive funds will be used to assist triple negative breast cancer research at Vanderbilt. The grant was given through T.J. Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest charity that funds leukemia, cancer and AIDS research.

One Team Martina member, Taira Baughman, lost her battle just this year to this same type of breast cancer, and the grant is in honor of her. Baughman also touchingly appeared in the music video for 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It.'

“I am so proud of this amazing team of volunteers,” said McBride. “They are truly making the world a better place with their fundraising efforts and I’m honored they are doing it in my name. We give this grant in honor of our friend and teammate Taira Baughman who was an inspiration to so many. She dedicated her life to her family and to helping others and this grant will undoubtedly touch the lives of countless women.”

Since 2011, the group has raised more than $100,000 for various causes, and last year alone raised over $25,000 for cancer research. Along with her hit song, McBride also stays active in promoting cancer awareness through celebrating cancer survivors at the Grand Ole Opry and performing on Opry Goes Pink.