Mason Ramsey, once affectionately dubbed as the “Walmart yodeling kid,” is back with his first new song since 2019.

Ramsey, Jeff Middleton and Rob Pennington co-wrote "Reasons to Come Home," and it showcases the 16-year-old’s matured, post-puberty vocals. Yes, he’s still able to sing, but with a better ability to emote the sentiments of his heart.

Inspired by his grandparents, the autobiographical tune finds the Golconda, Ill., native reflecting on the importance of home and being with the ones who raised him.

“It's a map dot / Just a little postcard town / No one ever stops / No one ever comes around / Oh, but here I am / Drivin' right down Main Street / If you don't understand / You probably don't know nothing 'bout me,” Ramsey reflects in the opening verse as he sets the stage for the rest of the song.

“The things that mean the most, you see live in a little house / Yeah the folks who raised a man like me / Are gettin' older now / And I don't see myself comin' back this way / Once the ones I love are gone / 'Cause I've run out of reasons to come home," the singer-songwriter sings in the chorus over pedal steel accents.

While Ramsey’s earlier releases were largely lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek tunes, “Reasons to Come Home” shows his more sentimental side and introduces listeners to Ramsey's evolved songcraft and the anchors that keep him grounded — his grandparents.

“Reasons to Come Home’ is a very special song to me. It’s all about my amazing grandparents, who raised me and are my only ties to my hometown of Golconda, Ill.,” Ramsey shares in a press statement. “While the song is a love letter to Golconda and all the things I love there, it’s also a realization that when my grandparents are gone, I sadly won’t have any reason to go back to Golconda.”

Prior to this, Ramsey dropped his Twang EP in 2019. A new as-yet-untitled EP is due out in the fall of 2023.

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