From yodeling in the aisles of Walmart to making pepperoni, mushroom and jalapeno pizzas on TikTok: Young country singer Mason Ramsey continues to prove he doesn't mind the grind.

In fact, the singer has continued to cultivate a bustling social media following thanks to his inventive TikTok videos, which show the 15-year-old singer at his current after-school job at Subway.

"Going for employee of the month," he captions one video, which shows him wiping down tables. "Don't knock the hustle, y'all," he says in another, in response to a follower who commented, "Upgraded from Walmart to Subway I see."

In the background of nearly all of Ramsey's new videos is his song, "Before I Knew It," which comes off the singer's 2019 Twang EP. Twang was the second of two EPs that Ramsey has released since his 2018 rise to stardom, the first being Famous.

Since 2019, Ramsey has taken a bit of a break from the spotlight, and hasn't put out new music since the arrival of Twang. His rejuvenated social media presence seems to hint that that hiatus might be coming to an end, though. On Instagram, he posted again after a nearly year-long break in mid-January, apologizing to his fans for his silence.

"Sorry I've been so quiet on social media lately," he says. "I've been living my life and took a step back from everything for a bit. I'm 15 now and a lot has changed since that day in Walmart. Hang tight because I've got big plans for 2022."

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