Country fans, get ready to meet your new favorite singer. His name is Adam Sanders, and he's about to blow up your radio.

Growing up in Lake City, Florida, Sanders says he always knew he wanted to be a country singer. From the time he could walk, the country newcomer was playing music live on stage, and his mom even has a funny story about how -- even as a 5-year-old -- he was playing for those dollar bills.

"I knew I wanted to play country music at a very young age," says Sanders while driving through his small town. "My dad turned me onto Alan Jackson when I was a kid and I guess I got hooked with the bug and it never let up."

It's a good thing the music bug stuck. Sanders moved to Music City in 2007, and after just a few years in Nashville, he's already seen behind-the-scenes success in the country music industry as a songwriter.

"Songwriting has kinda helped me get to where I am now," he admits. "I moved [to Nashville] and started writing songs with friends of mine. And was lucky enough to sign a publishing deal, then very blessed and very fortunate to now have some songs of mine recorded."

And by "some songs," Sanders means some major hits for country crooners like Luke Bryan ('Out Like That'), Chase Rice ('Country in Ya'), Dierks Bentley ('Sounds of Summer') and Cole Swindell ('Ain't Worth the Whiskey' and 'A Dozen Roses and a Six Pack'). With a resume like that, it only makes sense that he would be ready to break out into his own solo career.

And that's just what Sanders is doing. In the fall of 2013, he signed with a talent agency and hit the road opening for everyone from Eric Church to Dustin Lynch. In June, he released his debut single 'Nothin' to Do But Drink,' a fun, laid-back song that fans are sure to love. But at the end of the day, he says that while he does enjoy the writing and recording process, none of it compares to the joy of playing live on stage.

"Performing live -- it's what I've always wanted to do, hands down, since I was a kid," Sanders insists. "Songwriting and those type of things are tools that I use to be able to get to the performance side. It's what really fires me up and to be able to go out and open for your friends -- guys like Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch and Thomas Rhett. I mean, we're just having a blast."

While Sanders may be having a blast on stage himself, fans may be enjoying it even more. His songs are catchy, his performances are powerful, and his stage presence is electric, making for a live show that truly lives up to the hype.

"I just hope they enjoy it and I hope they have a good time and that they walk away with a smile and a buzz," the singer says with a smile. You can bet they will.

To learn more about Sanders and to download 'Nothin' to Do But Drink' visit his official website.

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