Megan Moroney found viral fame on TikTok with her song "Tennessee Orange," and now, the singer is releasing a fitting music video to accompany it.

The tune finds Moroney — a Georgia Bulldogs fan — temporarily converting to a University of Tennessee fan when she's around her new boyfriend. The song essentially takes the form of a phone call to her parents, in which she breaks the news that she's dating someone who is a fan of a rival team.

"I met somebody, and he's got blue eyes / He opens the door and he don't make me cry / He ain't from where we're from / But he feels like home, yeah / He's got me doin' things I've never done / In Georgia, they call it a sin / I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him," she sings in the chorus.

Directed by Jason Lester, the video follows the story of the song, showing Moroney falling in love with her Tennessee fan and eventually donning the "Tennessee Orange." The video is unique in that the entirety of it is shot from the point of view of her mysterious lover. The video opens on a view of Moroney laying in bed, and a hand reaches out to touch her face as she sings.

Throughout the video, Moroney is seen in different situations — making breakfast in the kitchen, singing at a bar, playing beer pong, walking down broadway in Nashville — and in each clip, she's seen through the lens of her faceless boyfriend. The object of Moroney's affection stays anonymous for the entirety of the video, including when he places the hat of his beloved UT team on her head.

The video serves to drum up more theories about the singer's real-world love life. Some fans are convinced that the song was written about fellow artist Morgan Wallen and that the two are dating.

Moroney announced the arrival of the video on Instagram, and fans in the comments are speculating about various theories surrounding the two singers.

Moroney has yet to comment on the dating rumors.

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