Upon first listen to the new song from J.R. Moore, fans might think they're listening to the newest Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line single. But listen again -- 'Country Cat' is about, well, cat food.

Meow Mix is certainly choosing to update its image in a creative way. Last week, on Sept. 22, the cat food manufacturer released this hilarious take on their signature jingle, and this time they added a bit of country flair.

If 'Country Cat' sounds familiar -- think FGL's 'This Is How We Roll' and Luke Bryan's 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' -- that's because it's supposed to. Nashville-based jingle producer Jingle Punks penned the hilarious song and enlisted the vocal talents of a serious musician -- J.R. Moore from the rock band Ingram Hill -- to pull off the not-so-serious tune. The goal? To sound just like so-called "bro-country" that has become popular over the past few years.

And they certainly succeeded. Everything from the country-rock sound to the twangy guitars to the "get this party started" lyrics fits perfectly with the bro-country sub-genre ... except for that frisky cat theme, of course.

"A quiet night at home with dinner for two / And the phone keeps ringing but we're not moving / Here kitty kitty yeah that's right / We're gonna meow mix it up tonight. / Listen to that purrin' / The records are turnin' / And the sun's going down while the fire is burnin' / Here kitty, kitty, yeah that's right / We're gonna meow mix it up tonight."

Even Moore's hilarious take on the typical bro-country persona -- the clothes, the voice, the mischievous smile - will quickly remind viewers of their favorite laid-back singers. Everyone from Blake Shelton to Jake Owen to Kenny Chesney is represented in this clip. And 'Country Cat' isn't the first song to bring bro-country to task in an uproariously funny way. Just ask Maddie & Tae!

But before die-hard fans get annoyed with Meow Mix's playful parody, they should know that country isn't the only genre that's being spoofed in their new ad campaign. There's also a Electronic Dance Music parody with a healthy dose of sub-step thrown into the Meow Mix jingle. At the end of the day, it's all in good fun -- and it sure is catchy!

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