Miranda Lambert and Enrique Iglesias hope for love in their new cross-genre duet, "Space in My Heart."

In this love-at-first-sight track, the two pine for love.

Knowing how delicate those first few moments are, they struggle to balance expressing their feelings without coming on too strong. Not wanting to scare the other person off, they simply bide their time, waiting for the moment their love is returned.

Lambert first teased her out-of-genre duet on Feb. 12 with a social media post that read, "Texas meets Spain."

It's not her first non-country duet: Her last collaborative effort was with Leon Bridges on a track called "If You Were Mine."

Miranda Lambert and Enrique Iglesias' "Space in My Heart" Lyrics:

Verse 1:

Hey, tell me what I gotta say / A pick-up line, a simple phrase / Just to make you wanna stay / You know, I won't say too much too soon / ’Cause that's not what you're supposed to do / And with you I’m making no mistakes


You don't love me yet, but I know you will / If you only felt half of what I feel / If you ever go, I will never change / There's a space in my heart and it's just your shape

Verse 2:

I want you here right next to me / Up above and underneath / Make you never wanna leave / And the walls turn to dust and the lights goin' dark / I don't care where I am as long as I'm where you are / That's just how it’s gotta be

Repeat Chorus


There’s a space in my heart (Ooh) / There's a space in my heart / And it's just your shape / There's a space in my heart / There's a space in my heart

Repeat Chorus

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Miranda Lambert has been a force in country music since 2005, when her major label debut album, Kerosene, went platinum. Since then, she was won multiple ACM and CMA awards, along with three Grammy awards. Lambert continues to put out new music to this day, with her latest album, Palomino, being released in 2022.

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