As if we needed further proof that Miranda Lambert is an all-American gal, the popular country star recently joined the 'Got Milk?' campaign to promote the benefits of drinking milk. Naturally, the 'Over You' hitmaker posed for the campaign photos with her trusty guitar in hand and the requisite milk mustache.

In the ad, Lambert is sitting on the porch of a cabin sporting jeans, a denim shirt and -- of course -- her brown Old Gringo cowboy boots. The award-winning country star is holding a gorgeous acoustic guitar across her lap and holding a glass of milk. Like all celebs who pose for the iconic 'Got Milk?' ads, Lambert has a milk mustache on her upper lip.

Oh, and as if a glass of milk isn't enough, there's a bowl of cereal topped with milk sitting next to her with a slogan that says, "Fine tune your morning." She's just the picture of health!

Lambert was so excited to be a part of the campaign that she tweeted a photo of the ad on Thursday afternoon (Nov. 1).

"Here's a better look at my @MilkMustache ad! #gotmilk? See y'all tonight!! #CMAawards," she wrote.

Apparently the ad is already working. Dozens of Lambert's Twitter followers responded by saying she looks great in the ad and that they'll be sure to drink a cold glass of milk right away. Of course Lambert's top priority is making music, but she definitely could have a career as a poster girl!

Lambert also spoke about the "secrets' of the milk mustache, saying, "It's actually a mixture that's really tasty They mix a bit of yogurt in so that's a little bit more sticky and lasts longer... You have to drink a glass of milk to get the mustache and it took me a little while to get it right, but it's real. They don't superimpose it."

So they don't fake it. Good to know.

The naturally stunning singer also pointed out that she places a premium on health over being rail thin. "I'm a classic size 8 and I always will be," she said. "I'm proud to be representing the normal girls of the world. I never try to be stick-skinny; I just try to stay healthy and toned. I feel like if you deprive yourself of things like milk, that's kind of a natural thing that God put on this earth to drink with minerals and protein."

Bottoms up. We love that she has gone from making Randaritas to hawking milk.


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