Ladies Home Journal opted to go country for their final issue, with superstar Miranda Lambert appearing on the cover of the July/August 2014 issue.

Though the songstress graces the cover looking like the girl next door in pastels, her long locks in loose waves, she's the first to admit that she's no role model. She tells the magazine, "I cuss and I drink and I have tattoos."

Her fiery and outspoken personality was cultivated at a young age, particularly by her mother.

"I would go up to the McDonald's counter and order my own McNuggets," Lambert explains. "My mom would be like, 'If you're not going to order them yourself, then you're not getting any nuggets.' She'd say, 'You need to face your fears. You can't just run away from everything you might be uncomfortable with.'"

Adds the singer, "She always wanted me to stand on my own two feet."

Lambert has done just that. She's gone after her country music dreams, and recently shed pounds to help herself feel more confident in her body image. Ironically, the way she's done it? Saying 'no' to foods like chicken nuggets -- even her favorite food, Cheetos.

Amidst all of the headlines about her weight and rave red carpet reviews focusing more on her body than her dress, Lambert is working to not let the numbers on the scale define her.

"When a girl comes up to me after a show and says, 'Thank you for being normal,' that's when I feel like I've done my job," she admits.

Although the songstress loves to cuss and drink and has tattoos, it's her spirit that is the true model for girls. Well, discounting the time she got tattoos without telling her parents ... but hey, everybody has to live a little!

"It's two Colt .45s and wings. I got it when I was 22, and it was the first thing I ever did without consulting my parents," the 'Fastest Girl in Town' hitmaker admits. "I didn't ask them because I didn't want their answer."

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