Miranda Lambert fans, y'all should know better by now: She does. not. like. beach balls at her concerts! The singer "killed" another one that dared to cross her path over the weekend, during a Friday night (Aug. 30) show at the Allentown Fair in Pennsylvania.

Fan-captured video posted to Twitter shows Lambert, having caught the offending beach ball, meandering over to her drummer's drum riser and slashing a hole in the colorful toy with the knife she keeps on hand there for such occasions.

"I love y'all, but we're not at the damn beach," Lambert said from stage. "We're singing country music tonight."

Lambert was smiling as she cut open the beach ball, and fans cheered as she made her way back up to her microphone stand after doing so. The ritual has become somewhat of a tradition at Lambert's shows: She did it Indianapolis, Ind., in 2016, called beach balls "the enemy" in a People interview in 2013, and admitted all the way back in 2009 that she hates the dang things.

"I just feel like people are so distracted from the music when they're trying to worry about a beach ball hitting them in the head and bouncing around like a volleyball," Lambert explained at the time. "And people down front get hit in the back of the head, because they don't see it coming."

Let this be a lesson to all "Ran Fans": If you're coming out to her 2019 Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour, leave the beach toys at home! Lambert's newest iteration of the recurring trek, which will feature a rotating, all-women lineup, begins in mid-September.

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