Miranda Lambert confirmed that she's working on a television series that's loosely based on her childhood in Texas. In a recent interview with Dan Van from Albright & O'Malley, the country gal talked more about the the show, which is rumored to be about a boy and a girl -- likely inspired by Lambert and her brother -- who help their private investigator parents solve crimes.

“It’s still going. That’ll be happening next year," Lambert says of the show, which will air on ABC Family. Though the whole private investigator twist would seem to be a big helping of exaggeration, 'The House That Built Me' singer was actually raised by a police officer who joined up with Lambert's mother as private investigators after retiring from the police force. Whether or not Lambert and her brother actually helped their parents as mini-sleuths, we can't really say, but it does make for a compelling storyline.

When we first caught wind of Lambert's intention to release this show in a report last year, Lambert was planning on acting as the executive producer with her mother, Beverly Lambert, as well as her manager and Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment and Scott Kaufer of Memphis Beat, who will contribute to the script writing. We'll have to wait on further statements from the country singer to see if she's still planning on moving forward with the same crew.

Lambert made a significant onscreen appearance today with the release of her emotionally-charged music video for her single 'Over You' -- a song about husband Blake Shelton's brother who died in a tragic car accident when Shelton was only 14. Lambert said in a behind-the-scenes interview that she thinks it's the most personal song the couple has ever written together, adding, “You know I cry every time I listen to it."

Though Lambert's childhood didn't hold the same devastation as her husband's, she'll have a chance to tell some of her own story through her upcoming TV series.

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