As far as celebrity couples go, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are pretty low-key. But when a girl gets married for the first time, she deserves to sparkle -- and the 'White Liar' singer shined brighter than ever before when she said "I do" to her macho man in Boerne, Texas on May 14.

Lambert and Shelton exchanged custom-designed rings to pronounce their love to one another, which were made by an unlikely jeweler out of Beverly Hills. It's possible that the pair took the advice of their fellow country star, Carrie Underwood, because the same jeweler crafted Underwood's band and engagement ring last year.

The craftsman, Johnathon Arndt, put together a 5-carat white diamond 'Eternity' ring for Lambert, which was meant to compliment the engagement ring that her 'Hillbilly Bone' husband got her. Shelton, on the other hand, took a unique approach and had the Hollywood ringmaker construct his based on one of his tattoos. According to PEOPLE, it took Arndt 60 days to hand engrave the ring, which sports a black diamond (at Lambert's request).

Lambert donned a three-tier 30-carat diamond necklace and matching tear-drop earrings when she walked down the aisle -- and if we had to guess, at $1.2 million the necklace may have cost the same as the wedding itself, if not more! At the couple's wedding reception, the new Mrs. Shelton toned down with a $250,000 colorful cocktail ring set in black gold, from Arndt’s 2011 'Bombay' collection.

Surprisingly, this is the same girl who sported a baseball cap and overalls on her lakeside fishing honeymoon! Every girl deserves to feel and dress the part of the queen on her wedding day, though, and we're sure Shelton was floored when he saw his diamond-ridden wife in her dress for the first time ... if not only because it's so out of character.