Miranda Lambert is known for saying what she thinks and doing what she likes. In giving advice to high school seniors, Lambert says she believes everyone should try college -- if it's right for them.

Lambert sat down with Taste of Country Nights and her first comment to a high school senior asking about what he should do doesn't immediately delve into the future. Instead, she focuses on what's obvious, but not said enough: "That's great that you made it to graduation," she laughs.

The 'Automatic' hitmaker adds, "I didn't go to college but I think everybody should try it if you really think it's for you. But, don't be discouraged if you don't think you have a vision of what you want to do; it's okay to float for a little while -- that's not a terrible thing."

Lambert also gives advice from personal experience, explaining that after she graduated from high school she didn't pursue college. And by chasing her music dreams, she knew she had to make it work. "I knew I wanted to be in a band. If you know you want to do something that doesn't necessarily require college, chase that too. It's okay."

Her vote of confidence not only in those who go to school, but also in those who decide to pursue their passions or simply try to figure things out, is really encouraging. Instead of focusing on what high school seniors 'should' do, Lambert encourages everyone to follow their strengths. It worked out pretty well for her.

Later in the interview Lambert talks about 'Platinum,' and sheepishly reveals her ringtone for husband Blake Shelton (at 1:40). Earlier she talks about her two new horses. They're Welsh Cobs named Sayeth ("Like 'Sayeth the Lord'") and Ellie. Lambert began taking English riding lessons in January.

Lambert's fifth studio album 'Platinum' is now in stores. It includes collaborations with Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town.

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