CMT is set to premiere the fifth season of Nashville on Jan. 5, and fans and the cast are counting down the days. Executive producer Callie Khouri says that "everybody is elated" about the new network.

Khouri tells the Tennessean that the storyline of Season 5 will be slightly different than previous plot lines, also promising that "some huge things" will happen.

"We're staying away from the 'that would never happen' stuff," she tells the publication. "It is a lot more grounded in character. We're telling stories about characters that we love. I think it's more emotional, less soap opera, but it's still delivering dramatic stories."

The Season 4 finale of Nashville left fans with the suspense of Juliette's missing plane. According to Khouri, the singer's fate of this will be revealed during the season premiereof the new season in January.

Previously, Khouri spoke at the Tennessee Screenwriting Association Seminar detailing what she hopes Nashville will accomplish when it returns.

“One thing I would like to deal with is the collapse of the music business and just how hard it is,” she shares. “This stuff is really hard. You can’t just put out a record and suddenly it’s No. 1 and all of a sudden they’re big stars. That’s not how it happens. So, I think we are going to deal more with the struggle of it. I think that’s a truer representation of what’s really going on. And I think the public should be aware of the fact that what’s common practice out in the universe paying for Spotify or Pandora is bankrupting the music industry."

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