Natalie Maines aimed the Dixie Chicks' new song "Gaslighter" at President Donald Trump in a scathing remix on her Instagram on Tuesday (March 31).

In the video Maines uses old footage of President Trump talking about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). First he's seen talking about how he's hearing that the heat of spring and summer may quash the virus; next he's seen saying there are only 11 cases of coronavirus in America and they're all getting better. The numbers grow and his comments become more vague partially through Maines' video, before he finally muddles the truth about how quickly, and if, the pandemic will spread in America.

CNN reports there are over 160,000 cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., and more than 3,000 people have died as of Tuesday morning. Maines captions her video with a series of hashtags: #gaslighter, #liar, #murderer, #narcissist, #dcx and #dixiechicks.

"Gaslighter" is the Dixie Chicks' first single from an upcoming album of the same name, expected May 1. The song was written as a blast at an ex-lover, perhaps even the 45-year-old singer's ex-husband Adrian Pasdar. This remix turns President Trump into the one who is gaslighting America and lying.

Of course, this isn't the first time Maines and the Dixie Chicks have gotten political. In 2003, they famously said they were ashamed that then-President George W. Bush was was from their home state of Texas. The comment got them unofficially banned from country radio, a banishment that has mostly held strong to today. "Gaslighter" sits just outside the country airplay Top 40 after three weeks.

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In 2016, the group drew devil horns on a photograph of Donald Trump during their DCX MMXVI World Tour to express how they felt about the then-presidential nominee's views.

The Gaslighter album will be the Dixie Chicks' first since Taking the Long Way in 2006.

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