Nate Smith recruited singer-songwriter Tenille Townes for a new version of his song “I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven."

This version finds the two singers alternating verses on the soaring love song about finding a piece of heaven with a partner. They join their voices in the chorus, creating a harmony that builds throughout the rest of the tune.

“I don't wanna go to Heaven / When Heaven's right here lying next to me / I count every kiss and every blessing / As the only proof I'll ever need / I don't wanna go to Heaven / When Heaven's right here lying next to me,” they sing.

The singers also released a music video for the duet version, which shows them singing the tune in an empty room while Townes plays guitar:

“I’m a huge fan of Tenille, and I kind of just cold emailed her asking if she’d be willing to be part of the song,” says Smith of the collaboration. 

“I was such a fan of Nate’s voice and had been hearing the song already and loving it,” adds Townes. “It’s so fun to sing this with him so I’m so glad he reached out.”

Smith originally released “I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven” as a solo track in November of 2021, and it garnered more than 2 million streams within the first week of release. The song now boasts more than 25 million streams worldwide.

In January, Smith shared an ambient choir version featuring vocals from a gospel choir.

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