The seven nominees for the Taste of Country Picture of the Year award are all OMG-worthy. From Blake Shelton's wild hair to Trace Adkins' naked behind, each captures a moment that was essential to sharing with friends and fellow country music fans. Which photo is the best from 2012?

Warning: Two of the seven nominees below have a little nudity, but it's nothing past a PG rating. There's also one of the most inspiring photos of 2012, as well as a picture that should make one 12-year-old a hero at school for years to come.

Picture of the Year Nominees:


Is this what Blake Shelton looks like when he wakes up in the morning? Poor Miranda. 'The Voice' star showed off his bedhead in 2012, proving that even a half-decade after skinning his mullet, he still has more hair than half of the country stars in America.







Carrie Underwood spontaneously invited a 12-year-old boy from Louisville, Ky. onstage after he requested a first kiss during one of her concerts. Shortly after this picture was sent around the world, the singer instituted a strict no kissing policy at future shows.






Russ Harrington

After Kellie Pickler's friend Summer Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer, in a show of solidarity, the singer -- who had a truly beautiful head of hair -- shaved it clean. It was one of the more inspiring moments of 2012.








For Halloween 2012, Miranda Lambert did her best Honey Boo Boo. The singer has the look, the pose and the attitude down perfectly in this picture, which she shared on her Twitter page.








Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland also makes the list of Picture of the Year nominees with a poignant Halloween shot. She painted her 8-month baby bump orange and marked it up like a pumpkin. It's doubtful she went around asking for candy dressed like that, however.







The big shoe isn't really what people were talking about after Tim McGraw posed without his shirt on this summer. It's not really clear whose shoe that is, but what is obvious is that the singer has been hitting the gym harder than anyone in country music this year.







Not long after Trace Adkins decided to take control of his Twitter page, he shared this photo. He was preparing to have some kidney stones removed when he turned around to see where that breeze was coming from.