One day after releasing their new single 'Hush Hush' to radio, the Pistol Annies have announced a few details of the release of their sophomore album, 'Annie Up.' Look for the project to be available on May 7 and to include songs the trio wrote on the fly. Ashley Monroe -- also known as Hippie Annie -- told Taste of Country that the recording process was emotional.

"We're nervous about the second record, like, 'Oh gosh, hope they still like us,'" Monroe said. When it was done however, all three women -- including Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley -- felt a catharsis.

"We sat there and listened and balled our eyes out in the studio when it was all done," she said. "It's so important and I'm so proud of it."

'Hush Hush' is a song that was written after the holiday season wrapped up. In a press release at the trio's website, Lambert talked about how they'd all come back from spending the break with family, and were ... inspired. The uptempo traditional track is about the secrets a family keeps, mixed with a little dysfunction. “So we took a little bit of truth from each of our family experiences and wrote this song,” Monroe adds.

Another song called 'Unhappily Married' was written while the ladies had their hair and makeup done before the 2012 CMA Music Fest. "We never tried to sit down and write a song," Presley says. "When we're together we're just always writing."

Fans can get a sample of one song from the new album by visiting and signing up to receive Sony Music news on Facebook.

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