Pistol Annies made some fans in Augusta, Ga. very happy Friday night (Oct. 2) when they reunited live onstage for a very special performance.

Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley formed the sassy trio and released their debut album, Hell on Heels, in 2011. The project was a critical and commercial success, and they followed it up in 2013 with Annie Up. But in June of that year they abruptly canceled all upcoming concerts, sending rumors flying about a possible breakup.

The trio put those rumors to rest during a stop on Lambert's current Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour, setting social media ablaze as pictures and footage of the performance made their way online. In the clip above, the ladies seem to be in the same old high spirits that were always their trademark as they dance and laugh together onstage.

Though rumors about possible bad blood have dogged the group over the last few years, they have steadfastly denied any problems.

“I think we’ve told what happened, it’s funny how people just make up things, even after you tell what happened,” Monroe said in 2014. “It is what we said it was, we didn’t have time to rehearse for the tour, and we wanted to be our best. And it’s really as simple as that, but it’s entertaining to read all the different views. All the soap opera stories people can make up!”

Presley attributes their time apart to busy schedules, since all three of the group members have been pursuing solo careers over the last several years.

“We’ve decided at some point we’ll be Pistol Grannies together, but we just had to make a choice and decide,” she explains. “When Ashley and I didn’t have that much going on, it was easy to coordinate our schedules. We just had to take a little break, but never say never.”

Sooo ... now that they've performed together, will fans get a new tour or new music from the Annies before they're grannies? Only time will tell!

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