Pryor & Lee throw the rock horns in the air and head bang with a snarl during "Y'allsome," a song that passes on the pressure to "Stick That in Your Country Song." The turn-it-up-or-off party song is sure to become a club hit long before it sticks to radio.

Toss "Y'allsome" into a group of songs that includes "Truck Yeah" by Tim McGraw and "That Thang" by Fast Ryde. It's big and loud and not especially sensitive, but it's not pretentious, either. Before you even push play, you know what to expect from this Rhett Akins, Marv Green and JT Harding co-write. Pryor & Lee don't disappoint — in fact, they probably could lean even further into a bombastic rock arrangement that will go over nobody's head. If you're gonna do it, you may as well go all the way.

Harding performed this song during a songwriter's round at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville earlier this year and proved that if the artist is committed, "Y'allsome" can entertain just about any room. The Bluebird is a sit-down-and-nod-politely kind of place, and the songwriter had the crowd hollering after his enthusiastic performance. Imagine what it could be like on a festival stage in 2021. The earworm is one you may try to resist, but with a little beer and good company, the duo will hook you. Don't forget, "Truck Yeah" was a Top 10 hit that McGraw still relies on for live shows.

Did You Know?: Pryor & Lee are Pryor Baird (Team Blake) and Kaleb Lee, Season 14 contestants on The Voice. Both men were eliminated one week before reaching the finals in spring 2018.

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Pryor & Lee's "Y'allsome" Lyrics: 

Been to every party from here to the moon / But I ain’t never partied like I party with you / Y’all got it all figured out / All the red cups, all you can drink / Whole town parked up and down the street / Y’all know how to do it up loud.

Y’allsome party people / Y’allsome crazy mothers / Y’allsome freakin’ good lookin’ country music lovers / Hankin’ and drankin’ all / Wreckin’ ball shakin’ the walls / Thought I’d seen it all, damn y’all / Y’allsome my kinda rowdy / Y’allsome of my kinda crowd / Y’allsome of my kinda Friday / Y’all know how to to get, get, get down / Get, get, get, get, get down.

Y’all got the hottest girls I ever did see / White pockets sticking out of them cutoff jeans / Y’all you sure know how to grow ‘em / Y’all ain’t scared to have a little fun / Whiskey shots from a water gun / Ain’t slowing’ down / Here comes the sun.

Repeat Chorus

Hey now y’all, I’ve never been sideways like y’all / Hey what proof is that alcohol / Got you swervin’ up and down the hall / Hangin’ on the wall.

Repeat Chorus

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