RaeLynn knows a secret about Blake Shelton -- and she's telling everyone! The fiery newcomer sat down with Taste of Country to play her new single, 'God Made Girls,' and reveal some of her most favorite memories from NBC's 'The Voice.'

The 20-year-old, who finished third on the second season of 'The Voice' as part of Shelton's team, says that while the country crooner has a reputation for drinking all day, what he's drinking is not what everyone thinks it is.

"Yeah, he drinks, but he really drinks tea all day and then starts drinking liquor at night -- he’s such a little trickster," says RaeLynn with a laugh, adding that one thing we may already know is that Shelton is just as cool as he seems on TV. "He is the most amazing person in the world. He has the biggest heart. He’s the sweetest person. The person you get on TV is the person you get day-to-day. It’s just awesome. He’s a really genuine person."

Now that she's becoming a country name in her own right, RaeLynn has been hitting the road in support of her music. But although she's busier than ever, the songstress is still holding onto that spunky attitude that has quickly turned her into a fan favorite. It's a playful spirit that she had even as a kid.

"I never got suspended [in school], but I definitely went to detention a couple times for talking, which is not a surprise," says RaeLynn, adding that in fifth grade she created a rather ingenious plan for passing notes in class without getting caught. "I found this highlighter and I took out all of the stuff in the highlighter and you could just screw it, and screw it off, screw it on. And so I would put notes in the highlighter ... we thought we were so fly in fifth grade, but we really weren’t."

RaeLynn has been buzzing around country radio promoting her debut single 'God Made Girls' with a spunk and spark that is getting everyone excited. Fans can hopefully look for an album from the rising star in the next year.

Watch RaeLynn Perform 'God Made Girls'