RaeLynn's 'God Made Girls' video, her debut music video, is nothing short of magical.

"It's to be romanced and to reveal beauty," she says in the opening, "and to play an irreplaceable role in a greater picture, the heart of every girl longs for these things -- it's what makes us come alive."

RaeLynn speaks those words as she sits in front of a fire in the woods while the fairytale clip opens. A little girl is seen looking into a mirror, and as the camera turns, we see it's 'The Voice' singer years later. She's living her childhood fairytale.

From majestic mountains to a full, bright moon, the 'God Made Girls' video's effects and scenery are gorgeous. There's even a white horse and a ballerina! The scenery might even be competing with RaeLynn's wardrobe in the video, namely that lacy corset with the thick, lace asymmetrical skirt with floral accents. She looks like a fairy princess as she sits on giant stairs that seem to lead straight to the sky.

RaeLynn lives out every little girl's dream in this wondrous clip!

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