RaeLynn's latest single, "Lonely Call," finds a woman standing strong as she rejects her ex's midnight call, and the track is actually inspired by a true story that happened between the singer and her now-husband Josh Davis.

Before they reconciled and married, RaeLynn and Davis went through a breakup that left the singer heartbroken and her former ex reaching out to her during the lonely hours of the night. After a series of "lonely calls," the singer finally had enough.

"I remember he called me one time and of course I answered and then the next time I was like, either we date or we don't. I'm not going to be your lonely call. I can't do this. I love you and it's hard," the 23-year-old singer tells Taste of Country. "When you first break up with somebody you're madly in love with, it's hard...Every day you're involved in what they do, and then all that goes away. It's like losing your best friend."

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Surprisingly enough, the thought of releasing "Lonely Call" as a single didn't come to mind until RaeLynn saw fans' passionate reaction when she asked them what song they would most like to see released. Their response was overwhelmingly geared toward "Lonely Call."

"I just never thought of it as a single, and then I put it on a record because I really loved the song and it instantly became a fan favorite," she admits. "They just made it really easy for me to choose."

It's safe to say the song's empowering message of refusing to be taken advantage of is one reason why RaeLynn's young audience gravitated to it so feverishly. The singer says the mentality of remaining unwavering and not allowing yourself to be a rebound is part of a universal message.

"What I love about it is everybody has felt that way in a negative or a positive way...Everybody has that person that they call when they're lonely and you're like, 'Listen, I can't be this for you. I care about you too much,'" she says. "I think that's why a lot of girls are relating to it, because they feel themselves in the song."

"Lonely Call" is the second single off RaeLynn's chart-topping debut studio album, Wildhorse

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