She may be the youngest contender, but RaeLynn proved she's a leader -- with sex appeal beyond her years -- on Monday's live quarterfinals episode of 'The Voice.' The 17-year-old country born and bred hopeful kicked things off for Team Blake Shelton, packing a punch with a female version of Jason Aldean's 'She's Country.'

"I don't want to blend in," RaeLynn told viewers before taking the stage. "I live and breathe country music. I'm country to the bone."

She wasn't lying. Sporting her signature flower the size of her head, the blonde sparkplug took the stage with a vengeance, swinging her teenage hips like her life depended on it. And in a way, it did. In an unexpected twist, NBC announced Friday that tonight's live episode would end a little bit differently than most, with the judge choosing to send one of their four remaining performers home before the voting even opened.

Luckily for RaeLynn, Blake Shelton is more than on her side -- he's like a father figure to her, almost. When asked if she has a boyfriend, RaeLynn revealed, "I'm a heartbreaker," to which Shelton responded that she does not, and will not, have a boyfriend.

Following her rendition of Aldean -- which, by the way, was a standout and a good omen for her future -- RaeLynn was met with only compliments. "You make me wanna sing country," Christina Aguilera said. "You are a little bada--. You get the job done."

The other judges echoed that sentiment, as expected, with Adam Levine kicking and cursing himself for not having her on his team. As for Shelton, who watched like a proud papa bear the whole time, he said simply, "You just proved that country music can come out here and kick a--."

Where are those critics now? Assuming she's safe in Shelton's mind, fans can vote to keep RaeLynn for another week when the voting opens following Monday's episode.

Watch RaeLynn Perform Jason Aldean's 'She's Country' on 'The Voice'