The Randy Rogers Band go for broke on their new single 'Fuzzy' from an upcoming album called 'Trouble.' This story of a wild night out is what 'The Hangover' would sound like if written by a country band.

Sonically, the mid-tempo, quasi-blues jam offers no wink-wink to listeners that says "Hey, this didn't really happen." Every element -- from the singer's languid lyrics to the raunchy rock guitar to the the hazy fiddle that takes over halfway through -- aims to the heart of the story. This is what happens when artists make art for the sake of art.

The story begins with a phone call and a request to drink sorrow on the rocks. "I said, I can’t burn it down ‘cause I’m gettin’ up early, I’m down for one round,  but around 1:30 / I was sittin’ at a Waffle House, I think I had grits / Started hittin’ on a waitress, everything after that gets fuzzy!"

Each chorus begins with a different, increasingly creative way to describe what a hangover feels like. "Fuzzy / Like a TV in a cheap motel," or "Fuzzy / Like static on the radio," or "Fuzzy / Like a tennis ball on my tongue."

"My mouth feels funny / I’m blinded by the sun but things ain’t sunny / Will the room stop spinnin’, will I find my car / On my way back home, right now, it’s all / Fuzzy."

'Fuzzy' is a cool song, but it's sure to be one that gets by some country fans. It's easy to see it becoming a fan-favorite quickly. Followers of the Texas group will adore it immediately, while others may need a dozen (or two) listens.

3.5 Stars

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