Randy Rogers Band is prepping a new album called 'Trouble' (to be released later this year or early next) by dropping a lead single, 'One More Sad Song.' Historically, the group hasn't gotten much of a push from their label to get a song on mainstream country radio. This won't be the exception. 

One can feel the taut and tenuous string holding the singer's heart together, but it's difficult to understand Rogers' lyrics at times. Vocal effects muddy an otherwise simple and pure emotion. A good guess at the chorus is, "I can tell which way that you're leaning / Don't know what it is / But I got a feeling your almost all gone / And I'm scared that when you stop believing / You and me baby will end up being one more sad song."

It's clear the pain and anxiety that inspired 'One More Sad Song' is real. Fans going through something similar will find a nice shoulder to lean on in Rogers, but it doesn't pull up slides of yesterday for the rest of country music America. The plodding melody is difficult to embrace and the lyrics could use more color.

"We're on a road to nowhere / I don't know how we got there / Some wrong turn somewhere / Maybe I just stop trying / But there's just no justifying / And now we're dying," Rogers sings to begin the song.

Give credit to the Randy Rogers Band for avoiding the polished Nashville sound. An album full of similar stories and sounds may not turn in a radio hit, but that doesn't make it any less artistically satisfying.

Listen to Randy Rogers, 'One More Sad Song'