Randy Rogers Band was the first band to hit the stage during Day 2 of WE Fest 2015. Soon after the gates opened and eager fans streamed in, the band kicked off a strong set and the crowd fell in love with the fine Texan musicians.

Blue skies, sunshine and 81 degrees made a fantastic backdrop. "What a beautiful day we've got here," Rogers remarked. Even though Thursday (Aug. 6) called for ponchos and rain boots, there was an abundance of denim shorts and tank tops in the audience on Friday (Aug. 7).

If the band is ever anything but solid, we haven't seen it. Every time they hit the stage, the six guys deliver with style and musical prowess.

"Tonight's Not the Night (For Goodbye)" was tight while still embodying the laid-back feel the Randy Rogers Band encompass. Part of their appeal is the fact that their entire band works as a well-oiled machine in terms of technicality while also offering emotive performances and plenty of banter with the crowd. They aren't afraid to have a good time (as evidenced by the cold one in Rogers' hand) but they're also there to work the stage and work it well.

The singer introduced "Interstate" as a song he wrote for his parents who recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary, singing, "We don't have to go anywhere / We don't have to try something new / Girl I really don't care / As long as I'm with you."

Among many familiar tunes, "Last Last Chance" was, as always, a standout of the set and the doubling up of fiddle players on "I've Got Standards" was a treat. Rogers paused to point out an older woman and her friends in the third row — though they were obviously some of the oldest at the festival, they were clapping and enjoying themselves with the rest of the attendees.

One of the songs, "Somebody Take Me Home," was written "when I was very single," laughed Rogers. "This is for all the single people." Along the same lines, the singer and band played "In My Arms Instead" and entire audience, as directed, held hands during the entire song. "Anybody still holdin' hands?" Rogers asked, and when he saw all the intertwined hands, he laughed, "The 2PM crowd can follow directions."

"Trouble Knows My Name" (which is a true story, by the way, inspired by three mini-stories), the band played one more song — one of their highest-charting singles, the 2006 tune "Kiss Me in the Dark."

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