Ray Stevens is known for tongue-in-cheek songs that produce a lot of laughter -- he's been at it for over 50 years! The singer just released another song, 'Mr. President — Mr. President [What Are You Going to Do],' and he doesn't hold anything back.

Stevens has never been one to mince his words, and the lyrics of the song -- which is on his new album, 'Spirit of '76' -- will gets lots of buzz generating. In 'Mr. President,' Stevens sings, “Well I’m gonna take off my coat and roll up my sleeves / Turn on the teleprompter and give another speech / Act real cool and talk real soft / Then go out and play another round of golf.”

In the video, he acts as a journalist at a press conference, dressed in a snazzy suit and hat, eagerly writing down all of the president's answers.

His other songs, such as 'Would Jesus Wear a Rolex' or 'The Streak,' are just more examples of his original, off-beat and humorous songs. Funnyman Stevens definitely proves that politics don't have to be boring -- they also can be entertainment!

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