Ronnie Dunn laments about a relationship's end in his latest single, "Ain't No Trucks in Texas." The music video for the song further emphasizes the hurt and loss just the thought of a former flame can bring.

The new video for "Ain't No Trucks in Texas" was filmed in Nashville by director Peter Zavadil. In the emotional clip, Dunn is seen singing the song as storylines of four heartbroken men come to life. One man, a young photographer, is shown taking photos until his ex gets out of her car and stops him in his tracks. The camera then cuts to an older man sitting in a tattoo parlor with the name "Lucy" on his arm. As the tattoo artist gives him a knowing look, he begins to cover up the name with new ink.

While Dunn sings about not answering the call from that ex ("I don't hope it's you every time it rings"), the video shows another man in his car looking at his phone before he gives up and angrily throws it out the driver's side window.

"We really wanted to do something simple and poignant," Dunn tells Country Weekly. "The song signifies how it is easier to let a relationship end than tell someone how you really feel."

"Ain't No Trucks In Texas" was written by Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher and Tony Martin and is the debut single off Dunn's forthcoming album for Nash Icon Records. The song was produced by Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus.

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