Ronnie Dunn is a legend in country music, but he's certainly not too old school to have a few surprises up his sleeve -- or in this case, on the rooftop.

After the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday (June 5), Dunn delighted fans with a rooftop performance of four songs, including a new single -- and flash mob!

As fans left the awards show, they received a pleasant surprise. Dunn was standing on the rooftop of a downtown Nashville restaurant, and his performance was projected onto the walls of several venues, while his Twitter handle and hashtags were projected onto the roof of the Ryman Auditorium.

When he started singing 'Country This,' streamers flowed down onto the streets, making everybody -- even those who didn't know what was going on -- look up to see the country star. He then debuted his new single 'Kiss You There,' and an incredible flash mob of more than 200 participants began line-dancing in the middle of Fifth Avenue South, between Rippy's and Bridestone Arena. It must have taken a ton of work to pull off something of that size, but if anyone can do it, Dunn can.

Dunn played two more songs, 'Cowgirls Rock 'N Roll' and his mid-tempo 'Peace, Love and Country Music,' before shooting t-shirts into the enthusiastic crowd. The icon had a lot of fun with his surprise performance, saying, "I'm more excited about where music is today than I ever have been. We no longer have to play by rules, because there are no rules. The band and crew snuck in and set up to ambush the unsuspecting crowd coming out of the CMT Awards. We don't have a clue, but we're having fun working overtime to come up with unorthodox ways to get music to people who just like music."

The 60-year-old singer and Taste of Country guest blogger recently revealed his rules for succeeding in the business, gave country music fans something to talk about for a very long time. As for him? He'll continue to spread the message of peace, love, and country music.

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