Ronnie Dunn stopped by 'The Doctors' to share some secrets on how traveling frequently has affected his health and to perform his single, 'I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes.' But when Dr. Travis Stork introduced his performance he said he may need to perform an intervention on Dunn.

'Peace Love and Country Music,' Dunn's newest solo record, was released last month on his own record label Little Willie Records and he stopped by the CBS talk show to play a song from the record and talk about his health. Dunn has been traveling for many, many years and it's probably no surprise this has affected the singer's health.

“We started out 20 years ago," he explains. "It was 13 guys on a bus and we thought we were the Rolling Stones ... we partied all the time." So much so that the country legend compared it to 'Animal House.' That's when health issues started and the travelers all began to get sick.

Vanderbilt Hospital, located in Nashville, sent an intern to the rescue. They began to study allergens in the air and his singing style, which is when he learned he was really affected by seasonal allergies. Lucky for fans, he learned about this early and was able to even improve his singing with the knowledge. The doctors on the show told him green tea could help to which he joked, “Green tea is good as a whiskey chaser, right?”

Dunn ended his segment when he performed his song, 'I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes.' When Stork introduced the single he joked that he should perform an intervention to help him quit! Dunn took a moment to explain what the song really meant before bringing his signature voice to the mic.

“It’s just a metaphorical analysis of what a guy’s gone through [in] life and he’s looking back and seeing the things that he’s passed up. He kind of wishes he could get some of it back."