In his latest music video, 'Bleed Red' solo singer Ronnie Dunn sings about leaving Los Angeles to head southeast to Waco, Texas, while the unnamed main character is shown driving away toward the Lone Star State to get his girl.

This video is like a scene out of an old western film -- with cars. As Dunn plays the song in the desert sunset, backed by a mariachi band, our leading man is shown in quick-flash black and white shots, rubbing the road with his tires. Meanwhile, we're given a peek at the girl who's waiting for him in Texas, kicking the dirt in her green dress to pass the time.

She's waiting "down the road from El Paso," Dunn sings, referring to the girl stationed in Waco -- 10 hours from simply being down the street. We gather that if our mystery man left L.A. for central Texas at 2AM, he'll arrive around the same time the next night ... and should probably have put in for a hotel room for the girl so she wouldn't be waiting on the street.

Long story short, he does finally reach her, and she doesn't seem too angry about the wait. His scenes turn to color as she hops in the car and kisses his cheek while the car speeds away, and Ronnie Dunn plays out the song with his mariachi ladies at his side.

'How Far to Waco' appears on Dunn's forthcoming debut solo album, 'Ronnie Dunn,' which drops on June 7.

Watch the Ronnie Dunn 'How Far to Waco' Video