Ryan Hurd's "new" EP, Panorama, features a guest appearance from his wife, Maren Morris.

Released on July 19, the four-song project dates back to 2015, and it shows off just how great of an artist Hurd was before he ever signed to a major label record deal. Hurd eventually signed with RCA Nashville/Sony Music in 2017, two years after recording the EP.

Hurd previously released the songs back when he was still just a songwriter and hadn't pursued the full-time artist route yet. One of the songs, "I'll Be the Moon," later appeared on Dierks Bentley's Black album and featured Morris.

The EP features four songs: "Panorama," "Mississippi to Me," "I'll Be the Moon" and "Good as You Think I Am." Hurd co-wrote "Good as You Think I Am" with Morris prior to their romance, along with Andrew Dorff, and she appears in a guest vocal on the track.

"My husband @RyanHurd & I wrote this song more than four years ago with our late friend Andrew Dorff," Morris tweeted.  "And it’s still one of my proudest songs to be apart of. So happy it’s been remastered on RCA and you can all hear it. #MurdReleaseDay."

Hurd also tweeted his thoughts about the EP on release day.

"I don’t have a much to say tonight except that sometimes life is all about timing," he began. "If you’ve been here since the beginning or if it’s brand new to you, thank you for listening to Panorama tonight."

Hurd also mentioned his collaboration with Morris.

"Even before we were anything romantic, singing with Maren has felt like magic," he wrote. "This was the first thing we ever [wrote] together that wasn’t demos, and to still get to do it today makes my heart very happy."

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