Sam Hunt closed down Nashville's 5th Avenue on Wednesday night (Oct. 28) with a free street concert in celebration of his debut album Montevallo's one-year anniversary.

While his fans came out to show their support, Hunt admitted to the crowd of 10,000 country fans that he's in turn a huge fan of Cam.

"I met her last year in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest and became a big fan of her music," Hunt says in the video above, before Cam joins him on the stage. "She's a sweetheart of a girl. When she walks into the room she just brings joy and happiness into the room. You can't help but smile when she walks in."

He adds: "I became a fan that night at the SXSW concert and several months later I heard her first single for the first time, and by the end of the week I heard it for the thousandth time. I just kept playing it over and over. Give a Nashville welcome to Cam."

The two embrace before they begin their duet, and Cam in return gushes about Hunt.

"Oh my God, hi!" she says. "You guys, I just hugged Sam Hunt. Do you guys know 'Burning House?' Do you know the words to 'Burning House?' Do you want to sing along?"

Before the two get the crowd to sing the song with them, Hunt admits once again what a fan of the song he is. "I was so blown away by the song I couldn't focus on the parts I was gonna sing," he admits of their rehearsal earlier in the day.

Watch above as they trade lines on "Burning House" and share the mic with thousands in attendance.

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