Sara Evans has revealed the finer details of her upcoming seventh studio album. The singer says 'Slow Me Down' will be available on March 4, 2014, featuring three big-name collaborations and production by an old friend. During an interview to discuss songs from the album, Evans tells Taste of Country "sexy" is the best one-word description for her first release since 'Stronger.'

Evans points to the album's title track, collaborations with Gavin DeGraw and Isaac Slade of the Fray, plus a delicate, vulnerable track called 'I Gotta Have You' as a few of the characteristic songs on the album.

"'Can't Stop Lovin' You' -- which is the duet with Isaac Slade -- is soooo sexy and passionate," the singer reveals. "The passion in that song … I think people are gonna die when they hear it."

DeGraw added his harmonies to Evans' cover of his 2011 hit 'Not Over You,' and she broke down in tears when she first heard it. Credit her kids for turning her onto that track. "That song was written for me," she says jokingly. "Everything that song says, the melody, the passion in it, everything was written for me. He just forgot to pitch it to me when he wrote it [laughs]. And he accidentally recorded it himself."

"So this album has turned out to be really, really sexy and confident," Evans adds. "And the confidence part is a real picture of where I am right now in my life, and how I feel about things. So I guess it's two words: sexy and confident."

Recording a new album is a family affair for Evans. Her kids keep her tuned into pop radio and what's hot -- although, the confessed pop culture addict says she does a pretty good job of staying hip herself.

Husband Jay Barker is even more involved. "He tirelessly and endlessly listens to songs with me and listens to mixes and gives his opinion, but he doesn't give it unless I ask for it," she says of her husband of five years. "He's a real music lover. He has incredible rhythm. Like he's an amazing dancer so he has music in him. He's just one of those people that can totally keep the beat, totally can sing."

Evans wrote three songs on the Mark Bright-produced project (Bright also produced 'Real Fine Place'). The most personal, she says, is 'If I Run,' a ballad Jay calls "the Prodigal Son Song."

"It's about this girl saying, 'I totally love you and I want this relationship, but I'm scared. I'm just letting you know that I have not been loved well in my life. So if I run, or if I get scared, will you chase me? Will you be the one that wants to save me?'" Evans shares.

"When we were writing ... we were just talking about that fact that (when) little girls lose that relationship with their dad and they don't have a strong relationship with their dad throughout their teenage years and throughout their whole life, then they have this skewed sense of what love is," she continues. "And so they don't recognize love in the way that most girls do who have a strong father force in their life."

"Girls want to be pursued," the star adds. "So this song, is about being pursued and, you know, wanting that man to chase her and pursue her and let her know 'I would never let you walk away.'"

"Calm" may not top Evans' descriptors for the album, but it describes her life and the process of recording this project. That's a forgotten experience for her. She said her last two releases ('Greatest Hits' in 2007 and 'Stronger' in 2011) were recorded during very stressful days and nights. The first came during her divorce, the second while she was moving to Birmingham, Ala. with a new husband and family.

"This whole process has been 100 percent joy," she says of the contrast. "No stress at all. Just 100 percent joy."