On tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' country boy Scotty McCreery said that when he was growing up, he wanted to be an astronaut ,"but my brains were not astronaut material." That's okay, Scotty! We don't have astronaut brains, either -- and what you lack in "astronaut brains," you make up for with that deep, stirring country voice. McCreery's voice continues to win fans over, as America voted and wants to see more of the singer. He has safely advanced to another round, so we have not seen the last of the ultra-talented McCreery.

In the men's opening performance segment of tonight's episode, the Elvis-loving McCreery sang the beginning lyric to the classic rock anthem 'Born to Be Wild,' once again stepping outside of the country box for a minute.

We're looking forward to another week of Scotty McCreery on 'American Idol.' Even Sirius radio shock jock Howard Stern commented on him on his morning radio show today, saying that young McCreery is already able to sing country music like a seasoned pro.